"Without God, we forget that all is gift and we begin to think ourselves as owners, instead of stewards, masters of the universe instead of servants of the one Lord who has called us to nurture and develop his gifts wisely and well for the good of all."      
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


For Christians, good stewardship is a calling to develop our God-given gifts (our time, talent, and treasure) and return a portion of them back to God through generously sharing our gifts for the benefit of others. By doing this we return to Him in thanksgiving that which He already owns.

A stewardship lifestyle is countercultural in today’s world of consumerism, materialism, and individualism, and is a spiritual way of life that leads to conversion and a deeper relationship with Jesus. In keeping with the biblical meaning of stewardship, we give proportionately from our first fruits – our substance, not just what is left over.

Each year we will have a committment weekend, “Stewards of St. Thomas Commitment Weekend,” that will ask each household to prayerfully review their financial situation for the calendar year and commit to an annual financial gift to the parish—a tithe—to be divided into regular weekly installments. This commitment will allow our parish to better plan for our financial needs, as well as to become a tithing parish in support of outside ministries.