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Sunday Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas

Please note that Bishop Jugis has the Sunday Obligation lifted. You still do not need to attend Mass if you are high risk, immuno-compromised, care for those who are, or are feeling ill in any sense.  If this is the case, we encourage you to watch our 9:30  or 11:30 a.m. live stream below.  

Observe proper distancing between different families

Stay home if anyone in your family is sick, even with a cold

Utilize the full length of the pew instead of just the ends.  Ushers may ask you to slide toward the middle to accommodate more of your fellow parishioners so that no one is climbing over each other.

As you approach the communion rail for Holy Communion, you can stand in the center of each aisle (transcept or middle) so that more distance remains between you and those who are sitting at the ends of the pews to your right or left. We also encourage those sitting at the ends of the pews to give some extra space on the aisle-sides.

Avoid climbing or passing by others, including during Holy Communion. If you are not receiving Holy Communion, it is important that you still come out of the pew, and go through the line to receive a blessing.  Simply cross your arms to indicate that you are not receiving when you are at the communion rail, and the priest or deacon will give a blessing instead.

Show patience and charity to others around you


April 11, 2021 - The Second Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday

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Mass Intentions: 4/12 through 4/18


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The Latest


We are happy to announce we have made our final payment on our 5-year loan from the Diocese from the construction of the new Parish Center! With the deduction of this monthly payment, there are many exciting project in the works.  The first is the upkeep and updating of Aquinas Hall. New floors will be installed beginning April 19.  Please pardon the dust!  We know that we all will benefit from the update. Thank you to all of our friends and parishioners who have been generous with tithing and contributing to the church with various gifts and restricted donations. 

Other projects under consideration:
Full renovation of Aquinas Hall, including the kitchen and restrooms; Security updates, HVACs, Reliquaries, Choir Loft, Bell Tower

Prayers & Devotions

Below are many prayers and devotions that you can do in your home with your family.

The Year of St. Joseph

Examination of Conscience

This examination is adapted from the official questionnaire that is used when the Church is investigating the worthiness for beatification and canonization of Catholics. They are the questions that are asked of the witnesses who knew the person in question when they were alive. It is a truly great examination of how we are doing, and what type of goals we can set in order to truly live our Catholic faith. 

Volunteer at St. Thomas!

If you have been attending Mass, we hope you can assist us with basic needs during the Liturgy! E-mail Deacon Joe Diaz and Thanks for your help!

  • Ushers
  • Readers
  • Collection of Offertory
  • Altar Serving for young men 

Divine Mercy Novena

We will recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet beginning Good Friday after the Stations of the Cross with the novena prayers.  The novena concludes Divine Mercy Sunday, April 11 and we will recite it together at 3:00 p.m.  See the bulletin on how you can gain a plenary indulgence through this devotion.

Shelter Sandwich & Lunch Making

Monday, April 12 in Aquinas Hall.  Please see the sign up to contribute!

Easter Octave Mass Times

Mass Times during the Octave of Easter are at 10:00 a.m. only and there is no Confession or Adoration.


Anyone who attends Mass at St. Thomas and is with Law Enforcement is encouraged to contact Tim Flynn or Deacon Joe.  We are looking for input to improve security around campus and your advice would be helpful!

Youth Choir Rehearsal

Every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in the choir room located next to the handicap lot in the old office building.  E-mail Deb at deb.savoy@gmail.com for more information.