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Sacred Music at St. Thomas Aquinas

Our Roman Catholic tradition teaches us the two-fold purpose of sacred music: the glorification of God and the edification of the faithful. It also reminds us of the two dimensions of sacred music: it must be sacred (i.e. having a sacred text) and it must be art. We do our best to embody these tenets in our sacred music program here at St. Thomas by grounding ourselves in the living musical tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. The end of all of our efforts is to offer the finest gift of music to Jesus Christ, High Priest, in His Divine Liturgy. The result has been a dramatic growth in our sacred music program over the last three years.

Chant, polyphony, and high quality choral music are regular offerings at St. Thomas both in English Novus Ordo liturgies and at our weekly Wednesday night Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form. We fully engage our congregation by publishing a weekly worship leaflet regularly featuring the chanting of the Propers of the Mass (as commanded by the Second Vatican Council), fine hymnody, and service music. As directed by Church custom and teaching, the organ is used to accompany the liturgy and to render solo repertoire.

Whether as an avid listener or as an active participant, you are most welcome to be a part of the following musical ensembles at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. Anyone interested in singing or supporting our work is asked to please contact Mr. Thomas Savoy at or see him after any weekend liturgy.

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Choir

Our parish choir meets on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9 p.m. in the parish choir room and sings regularly at the 11:30 a.m. Sunday morning Mass. Our choir members work hard to ornament the Liturgy with fine choral music from the Roman Catholic tradition and beautiful harmonies that embellish the song of the congregation. Music reading ability is helpful. In addition, rehearsal mp3s are provided to the choir on a regular basis. All voice parts are welcome from high school age on up.  

St. Thomas Aquinas Youth Choir

Our STA Youth Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Deborah Savoy, is open to young people ages 8-13 and sings twice each month at the 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning Mass. Mrs. Savoy, a college music instructor for over 22 years, is in the unique position to offer our young people solid music fundamentals (i.e. music reading, sight-singing) as well as the opportunity to sing beautiful sacred music. The Youth Choir currently rehearses each Thursday from 5:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. in the parish choir room.


Our cantors provide a valuable leadership ministry in both facilitating congregational song and solo singing in the Liturgy (i.e. the Responsorial Psalm, litanies etc.).

A good voice and music-reading ability are needed to fully embrace this role.

Schola Aquinatis

The documents of the Second Vatican Council clearly state that Gregorian chant is to be given pride of place in the Liturgy. The St. Thomas Schola Aquinatis sings Gregorian chant on weekend liturgies as well as on Christmas, Easter and selected feast days. They are also a regular presence at our weekly Wednesday night Latin Masses in the Extraordinary Form (7 p.m). We have both a men’s and women’s group. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed. We welcome new members; music reading ability is required. Free instruction is given in reading the ancient chant notation (neums).

Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form

Each Wednesday evening at 7 p.m., Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form is celebrated at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. The Latin Mass, so ancient and yet so new, affords us an opportunity to sing sacred polyphony and chant on a regular basis. Masses of Palestrina, Byrd, Victoria along with other repertoire representative of the millennium of Roman Catholic sacred music are sung on a regular basis by the Schola Aquinatis of St. Thomas.

The Carolina Catholic Chorale

St. Thomas Aquinas parish is pleased to host the Carolina Catholic Chorale as artists-in-residence. In addition to venues throughout the diocese, the Chorale sings “orchestral Masses” of the Roman Catholic tradition on a regular basis at Masses in the Extraordinary Form at St. Thomas Aquinas Church.

From its Mission Statement: "Founded in 2013, the Carolina Catholic Chorale is dedicated to performing music, chiefly of the Roman Catholic tradition, in primarily liturgical settings. Although the choir welcomes all lovers of sacred music, it enjoys a special mission to Catholic musicians in acquainting them with the great ongoing choral and instrumental music that is their heritage." Membership is by audition. The Chorale is directed by Mr. Thomas F. Savoy.


Solemn High Mass:  St. Thomas Aquinas in May 2015!

Mass in A Major by Antonio Caldara in a new performing edition by Thomas F. Savoy.  Sung at Solemn High Latin Mass for Ascension Thursday, May 5, 2016


O Salutaris Hostia

by Pierre de la Rue