September 8th, 2013

Dear Parishioners,

During my first year as pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas, aside from coming to know the many wonderful people of the parish it was my goal to review and adjust as necessary the administrative and volunteer structures of the parish.  To this end, the staff and I entered into a self-review and restructuring of the parish administrative structure.  In my estimation we have been successful in a relatively short period of time.  I am proud of our administrative team and they are to be commended. 

Regarding the volunteer structure, a few years ago Bishop Jugis presented a parish organizational plan to organize the many areas of parish life.  Fr. Remo embarked on this great task of inspiring and harnessing the motivation of parishioners and setting into place the commission and committee structure proposed by the bishop.  From my perspective, you (the parishioners) and Fr. Remo did an amazing job.  The parish volunteer structure of commissions and committees is in place due to the hard work and dedication of many.  In order that these commissions and committees might better function we have successfully drafted and implemented a policy manual that serves to clearly define the order, role and procedure of these different groups.  It is the hope that this clarity will enable and facilitate a harmonious and charitable collaboration of the many parish volunteers. 

Another administrative goal our office has embarked upon has been the updating of our presence in the community.  As you are all well aware, our modern society has given way to many and varied ways of communicating.  Long gone are the days of simply placing a parish listing in the yellow pages.  Since we are a university parish, it is all the more important for our parish to be present in the many arenas of modern technology that students engage in daily.  For this reason we have set in motion a number of modern means of communication from text message blasts to podcasting and tweets.  Center stage for all of these new features is a new website that will assist parishioners with the many new and exciting ways people can engage the parish.  Furthermore, the website is being designed to facilitate dynamic content and communications of the many parish groups.  In other words the website is more that an electronic billboard.  For example, the parish volunteer organizational chart (under the Christian Service tab) is an interactive image that allows one to more easily explore the different areas of parish life.  Parishioners will be able to see what is going on in the parish from day to day and week to week.  The content will be current, as we train all parish commissions and committees how to use their portion of the website in order to communicate in real time with the parish and their members. 

Finally, although it may seem little is happening with respect to the building project, rest assured that much is happening in order to readjust the scope of the project to the capital campaign contributions.  To see where we are at this moment, please go to the website and check out the Building Project tab.  This will allow everyone to see where we are in the process.


Fr. Winslow


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