Easter Greetings

Letter from the Pastor

Dear Parish Family,

Christ is Risen!  Blessed and Happy Easter to all.

As we enter into the Easter Season, I would like to take this opportunity to bring some order and definition to our Sunday celebration of Holy Mass.  Consistent with our tradition, Sunday Masses can be celebrated with different levels of solemnity.  The new Missal of Paul VI is different, however, in that it liberally affords the priest a great deal of discretion as to which level of solemnity should be exercised. This includes such things as processions, music, incense and additional prayers that can vary on any given Sunday at any given Mass.   The difficulty with this new arrangement is that it does not afford the faithful the opportunity to anticipate at what level of solemnity a Mass may be celebrated.  Some resonate better with a simpler celebration, while other resonate better with a more solemn celebration.  Therefore, that the faithful might better anticipate our Sunday celebration's level of solemnity, Masses will be characterized as follows:

Saturday 5:30 pm - Mid-Level Solemnity (Generally this means minimal processions, sung Mass parts, with sacred music, no regular use of incense.)

Sunday 7:30 am - Low-Level Solemnity (Generally this means minimal processions, minimal sung Mass parts, minimal to no sacred music, no regular use of incense.) 

Sunday 9:30 am - Mid-Level Solemnity (I have decided to gear this Mass in order to accommodate families. As such a Mid-Level of Solemnity is appropriate with a regular use of a children's choir and/or youth cantor.  Furthermore, from now on coffee and doughnuts will be served in Aquinas Hall following this Mass.)

Sunday 11:30 am - High-Level Solemnity (Generally this means maximum processions, sung Mass parts, sacred music, regular use of incense, the regular exercise of more solemn options in the Missal.)

Sunday 5 pm - Mid-Level Solemnity

On another note, I hope this Easter Sunday you are inspired more than ever to draw closer to Christ.  Please consider the following ways we can help:

  1. Enroll your children into Religious Education Classes to learn more about their faith.
  2. Become Involved in a Liturgical Ministry such as becoming a Reader, Usher, or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
  3. Use your voice in song by joining our Choir, or encourage your children to join our children’s choir.
  4. Encourage your high school teen to join other youth of the parish on Sunday evenings for faith and fellowship.
  5. Participate in one of the many Community Outreach Programs with the Helping Hands Ministry such as Making Sandwiches for the Men’s Shelter, Cooking Meals for the Women’s Shelter, Donating to our Share Sunday efforts, and much more!
  6. Stop by the Church during the week for time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  We have Adoration each day between the two Daily Masses:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 9am to noon and Wednesdays from 1 to 7pm.
  7. Join our Special Events Committee and help prepare for our large parish events. 
  8. Plan to attend the Fatima Processions beginning next month, and every month from May to October, on the 13th at 7:30pm.
  9. Schedule time each quarter to stop by for Confession on Saturdays (4-5:15pm) or Wednesdays (6-7pm).
  10. Bring an elderly neighbor to our Quarterly Healing Mass.  The next one is Saturday, May 3rd at 10am.

Easter Blessings,

Fr. Winslow



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