2nd Annual World Feast

Dear Parish Family,

Over the past few years I have been struck by the diversity of cultures in our parish, each culture representing their individuality within the universality of the Catholic Church.  To embrace this unique aspect of Saint Thomas, we have celebrated with an Annual Multi-Cultural Festival traditionally held on the weekend of Pentecost in the Spring.  After discussion with the members of the Special Events Committee and the Country Coordinators, last year we decided to move the festival to the Fall.  There were many factors regarding this decision including, but not limited to: Graduations, End-of-School-Year Activities, the beginning of Summer, and Race weekend.  This Fall will mark our 2nd Annual World Feast, which we plan to celebrate in conjunction with the October Fatima Procession.  

This year the Saturday preceding the 13th will be October 10th.  We live in a unique area of Charlotte, particularly with the University and the diversity of cultures among our community neighbors.  It is our intention to grow the event, and to encourage more people to join us for great food, fantastic entertainment, games for children and adults, time for Devotion to Our Lady, Sacred Music Concerts, and much more!  We will continue with many of the great traditions of years past, including the Procession of Flags, homemade food from many cultures, and authentic cultural entertainment.  

To create an event big enough to invite all of our community neighbors and UNCC students, we need your help!  We will need more volunteers than ever to help prepare food, lead games, serve meals, set-up and tear-down, move trash, sell tickets, find entertainment, and much more!  Although it is months ahead of time, we will be seeking commitments for volunteers in the next few weeks.  Together we can create a staple event for our community that celebrates diversity through joining together to establish a tradition that will live on for many, many years to come!

Father Winslow


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