Daily Reading and Prayer

November 2018

Nov 17

November 17, 2018

Luke 18:1-8 Jesus is offering his disciples encouragement by telling them this parable. It is found only in Luke’s Gospel and has similarities to the man waking his neighbor (11:5-8). He is telling them that while they wait for the coming of the kingdom, they must pray persistently. If the judge finally acts in response to the...
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Nov 16

November 16, 2018

Luke 17:26-37 Jesus continues his discourse about the coming of the Son of Man. He uses the ancient stories of Noah and Lot and the examples of two men and two women to illustrate how suddenly the Son of Man will come. He reminds his listeners that they must not hold onto their daily lives or look back. I don’t seem to know how to let go....
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Nov 15

November 15, 2018

Luke 17:20-25 Jesus’ response to the Pharisees’ question about the coming of the kingdom can be summed up in the idea that it is “already but not yet.” He tells them that if they do not pay attention to the present signs—his ministry—they will not be ready for the fullness of the kingdom. Undue concern about...
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Nov 14

November 14, 2018

Luke 17:11-19 Jesus heals the lepers and sends them off to the high priest for a ritual cleansing that will restore them to the community. Only one, a Samaritan, returns to Jesus to thank him. Jesus praises his expression of gratitude and criticizes the nine who did not take the time. I pray for a constant attitude of gratitude from the time I...
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Nov 13

November 13, 2018

Luke 17:7-10 Jesus is talking to his apostles about discipleship. Disciples are servants of the Lord and must be concerned about what is expected of them and not with being rewarded for their work. The faithful service of the disciple is likened to the good work of a servant. I know what I am obliged to do, but it often easier said than done. I...
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Nov 12

November 12, 2018

Luke 17:1-6 Jesus tells his disciples that it would be better to die than to cause another to sin. Indeed, it is their loving responsibility to correct those who sin. It is also necessary for them to forgive those who repent. There are times when I feel my faith is even smaller than a mustard seed, but I remember that, because of your love for...
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Nov 11

November 11, 2018

Mark 12:38-44 Jesus cares for the poor, those who are alone and disenfranchised, the widow, the orphan, the stranger. Everyone should do the same. Yet the leaders, those we expect to be caring and compassionate, behave hypocritically. Their prayers and practices are for show. Jesus uses the beautiful example of the poor widow who has far less...
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Nov 10

November 10, 2018

Luke 16:9-15 Jesus uses money metaphorically. He is telling his disciples to be careful not to subordinate spiritual riches to material things. He encourages them to be good stewards of what they have, always mindful of those who have less. The sneers of the Pharisees reflect their worldly master. You know my heart. You know how easily I get...
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Nov 9

November 9, 2018

John 2:13-22 Jesus’ anger was not about the sale of animals for sacrifice but about the misuse of power. The merchants were selling the animals at inflated prices beyond the means of the worshipers. The words he spoke while driving out the merchants carried a double meaning about the physical destruction of the temple and his own death and...
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Nov 8

November 8, 2018

Luke 15:1-10 Through these two parables Jesus is telling the disgruntled Pharisees and scribes that his interest lies in those who are lost. Like the sinners and tax collectors, they are separated from God and alienated from society because of sin and/or circumstance. And yet they, not the righteous ones, seek him out. When I find myself judging...
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Nov 7

November 7, 2018

Luke 14:25-33 Jesus is telling the crowds that the cost of discipleship is great. He uses two examples, a builder assessing a project and a king weighing the odds of battle. Following him requires a conscious decision to turn away from anyone or anything that stands in the way of full commitment to the cross. That life is all about my...
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Nov 6

November 6, 2018

Luke 14:15-24 Rather than inviting those closest to him, those with whom he is most comfortable, those who are likely to reciprocate, a host should be reaching out and embracing those on the fringes, overlooked and neglected. Lord, I know you are inviting me, and I, in turn, must extend that invitation to others, not for my own sake but for...
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Nov 5

November 5, 2018

Luke 14:12-14 In this passage, Jesus instructs his dinner host: Don’t invite someone to dinner just to receive an invitation in return. Good should be done not for reward but for goodness’ sake. The good that I do is important, but also why I do it. Let my intentions be wise and charitable, always guided by you, my God. This content...
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Nov 4

November 4, 2018

Mark 12:28B-34 Jesus responds to the question about the greatest commandment posed by the scribe by quoting the prayer Jewish people prayed twice daily, the Shema. The prayer is also cited in the first reading from Deuteronomy. He then adds to the greatest commandment a second: Love your neighbor as yourself. The scribe responds to Jesus’...
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Nov 3

November 3, 2018

Luke 14:1, 7-11 In today’s gospel we return to the dinner scene. After Jesus heals the man with dropsy he addresses a parable to the guests. Through the story of the wedding feast, he tells them it is better to sit at the lower seats at the table rather than in a seat next to the host. With God, humility, not self-exaltation, gains honor....
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Nov 2

November 2, 2018

Matthew 25:31-46 At the final judgment the Son of Man will divide all humanity into two groups. The righteous group consists of those who in their lives have done good deeds, as listed, for “these least brothers of mine.” The other group is accursed because they failed to serve those in need. Merciful Father, on this day, we are...
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Nov 1

November 1, 2018

Matthew 5:1-12A The beatitudes are divine directives. They are the epitome of Jesus’ teaching, the heart of the New Law, and the way of life for a disciple. The first, “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” is the key to understanding the rest. Jesus is not speaking about material poverty. He is speaking about an attitude of total...
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