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February 2019

Feb 20

Understanding Pope Francis’ outreach to Muslims

By: Jordan Denari Duffner Eight hundred years ago, in the midst of the Crusades, St. Francis of Assisi crossed battle lines in Egypt to see a Muslim ruler. In the Muslim encampment, he met the sultan, Malik al-Kamil, who, like Francis, sought peace between the Christian and Muslim armies. Little, if anything, is known definitively about their...
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Feb 18

Finding True Joy

By: Teresa Tomeo I’m not sure where I first heard the suggestion that Christians need to think about the word “joy” as an acronym: Jesus first, others second, yourself last. This explanation hit so close to home that, to this day, the catchy phrase continues to keep me focused on what really matters. I often find myself...
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Feb 15

Opening the Word: Blessings and woes

By:  Timothy P. O'Malley In this column, I often have cautioned against our mishearing of familiar scriptural passages. When we hear the parable of the prodigal son or the good Samaritan, we cease listening because we’re so used to these stories. Luke’s blessings and woes (the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew) are one of...
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Feb 13

Canon lawyers debate excommunication

By: Brian Fraga If it were up to many frustrated Catholics who follow the news, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York already would be excommunicated. Several Catholic commentators, including some bishops, have said the Democratic governor should have received that serious penalty for fully backing and signing the Reproductive Health Act, a new state...
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Feb 11

Winter musings

BY: Robert P. Lockwood Four items plus one in search of a late-winter column: 1. Plasma therapy: Ambrosia Health offers “young plasma treatments.” These are “intravenous infusions of plasma from young donors, who are in the age range of 16 to 25.” According to its home page, “We treat patients who are 30 years old...
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Feb 8

Opening the Word: The least of these

By: Timothy P. O'Malley Jesus, the one who has come to fulfill the messianic prophecy of Isaiah, seeks out missionary companions. But instead of choosing those with power, he identifies once-anonymous men from Galilee. These unknown men don’t even seem to be excellent fishermen. All night long they toiled but caught nothing. And yet, it is...
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Feb 6

Editorial: NY abortion bill is nothing to celebrate

By: OSV Editorial Board was a hideous image: the top of One World Trade Center — a structure literally built on the ashes of men, women and children killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — glowing pink in the New York City night sky Jan. 22 as a disturbing symbol of victory following the passage of the state’s...
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Feb 4

A breath of fresh air

By: Teresa Tomeo The last few weeks in the media have been like none I’ve ever seen before, and I’ve been in this industry for nearly 40 years. Yet, the fallout from the encounter at the Lincoln Memorial — between a Catholic high school student from Covington, Kentucky, and a Native American elder after the annual March for...
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Feb 1

Opening the Word: Prophetic discipleship

By: Timothy P. O'Malley OSV Newsweekly Jesus’ prophetic career seems to get off to a rocky start. Standing up in the synagogue in Nazareth, he proclaims that God’s reign, the final and definitive moment of divine judgment, is at hand. It is fulfilled in his very person, the presence of “the daybreak from on high” (Lk...
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