The Fraternity of St. Joseph Men's Group

Iron Sharpens Iron

The formation of The Fraternity of St Joseph Men's Group started at the hands of the St. Thomas Aquinas Priests, Deacons, Knights of Columbus, Men of Veritas, and Squires leaders. Their combined efforts were the first steps taken in direct response to the need these men felt it would fill in their faith community, which became the mission of the ministry: to bring together men of all ages with intent toward strengthening and instilling the value of the Mass, the Eucharist, and our foundation of faith, the Sacraments.

A focus on sharing the awareness that before we can intentionally lead, we must first humbly follow in order to build strong men in the knowledge of the Catholic faith that fortifies them. An inaugural ceremony was held at the first meeting on November 2, 2019, marking the fraternity's inception. As awareness of the fraternity grew in the faith community, the realization of the good this fraternity could offer other parishes was considered by the Year of St. Joseph diocese committee. Thanks to their commitment to our faith community, we can all now be challenged with taking a God-sized view of our faith-filled family, and the men who will be held accountable by God to selflessly lead them.

Consider joining in the fellowship that will challenge willful examination of the need for faith-filled men to unite in protecting and perpetuating the sanctity of the family as divinely designed in our New Covenant teachings of our Universal Church. The Fraternity of St. Joseph is committed to building up our community of Catholic faith-filled men by handing on the tools that will better equip them to transform the communities around them in the knowledge that as brothers in Christ, we are stronger when we stand, work and pray together! We challenge all our fellow brothers in Christ in a call to action to gather together and start their own chapter of this fraternity in their own parishes. Become ignited in the possibilities that it will open to your sons, fathers and brothers in Christ who choose to share in the fellowship that will ultimately transform the world around us! 

Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Saturday beginning at 8:30 a.m. in Aquinas Hall.  All men of all ages are invited.

The Fraternity of St. Joseph is open to all Catholic men over age 18. Have questions about starting a chapter in your own parish? Contact Ray Haywood at 
704-707-5709 or

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The Charter is officially in place

Consider assembling a chapter of the Fraternity of St. Joseph Men’s Group

We are providing all of the necessary resources to start a chapter of the FSJ Men’s Group in your own parish with the template documents attached. We hope that in this approach of assembling men of good will together, we ignite a movement within our Catholic community that is worthy of following.

Fraternity Mission Statement

Fraternity Vision Statement

Code of Conduct

Fraternity Prayer

Sample Meeting Agenda

Bulletin Announcement

Pulpit Announcement

St. Joseph Devotional Meeting

St. Joseph Paternal Leaders

Assembly of Fathers