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Purgatorial Society

Contact: Laurie McBroom

Please keep the following people in your prayers

November 2016 Alda Felty Bailey Jones Helen Jones David Hayes Nicole Huran Arthur & Claire Lafreniere Elwin & Delia Dickinso Leslie & Ethel Carr

December 2016 Barbara Cook Helen Flemings Leonard Barthelemy Kenneth Barthelemy Millie Alexander Marjorie Barthelemy Willie Smith Betty Blagio Orelane Brock Danny Brock Mama Wade Ellen Ottiaway Jenny Linger Delores L. Brown Conrad J. Brown Jr. Mina Thompson Amear Barthelamy Uncle Coon Barthelemy Marcilan Barthelemy Williams Thompson Uncle Pearcy Eugenia Peterson Barbara Dale Eugene Bailey Bessie Stephens Fred P. Dimock, Sr. Irene B. Mimock Estelle Markowski Joseph J. Markowski, Sr. Eleanor McBroom Everal McBroom Michelle Stanley James Harris Eileen Pebord Angela Atillo Pablo Atillo Valentin Atillo Don Ludwig Mary Ludwig Joann Fox Ludwig Terrence Lynch Jeannette Lynch Patricia Klotz Theodore Klotz Marie Marshman Alfio Cardillo James Land Phillip DeMartino

January 2017 Leigh McPherson Ronnie Cauthen Joseph Patalune Don Mountford Richard & Erlene Dickinson John Collier