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Marriage Preparation

Typically, marriage preparation is at least a six-month process. First you will meet with the Parochial Vicar for your initial interview.

Pre-Nuptial Inventory

At your first meeting with the priest, you will be asked to provide basic personal information and evidence that you are free to marry, that is, that you are not currently married and intend to marry as the Church understands marriage.

Once your freedom to marry has been established, the time, place and cleric can be chosen. The priest/deacon that you want to witness the wedding will guide you through the following steps of your preparation. 

Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding Study (FOCCUS)

This is a pre-marital survey designed to help couples learn more about themselves and their unique relationship. It is to be taken on-line. Once you take the survey you will need to meet with a FOCCUS facilitator. Deacon James Witulski usually fills this role. 

Pre-Cana Studies

To be married in the Church, you are required to complete a pre-marital study course. The following courses must be completed and are directed by Fr. Deacon Matthew Hanes.

Father Deacon Matthew Hanes will meet with you to discuss the Sacrament of Marriage, using the book Three to Get Married by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, as well as others, notable those listed below.

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, O.P. Rich Gift of Love is a free series of videos you can watch online at your convenience at this link. These videos must all be viewed before the final meeting with Fr. Deacon Matthew Hanes. Please answer the questions that we will give you pertaining to the videos.

Diocese of Charlotte Natural Family Planning: This is a free 4 hour course offered frequently in Charlotte. To RSVP, or for information, contact Beatrice Adcock, MSN - Natural Family Planning Program Director - (704) 370-3230,, Before your final meeting with Fr. Deacon Matthew Hanes you will need to take this course.

You will need to make a payment to the parish for your marriage preparation classes for $100. You can drop your payment off at the office or mail it to the office, make sure you note it is for marriage preparation.

Liturgy Preparation

Your vows will be exchanged in a special liturgical celebration. You will need to meet with the priest/deacon who is celebrating your wedding to work out the details of the liturgy.

Wedding Director

If you are married at St. Thomas Aquinas parish, you may need to contact our parish Wedding Director who will assist you with all of the details of your wedding.

Music Selections

If you are married at St. Thomas Aquinas, and would like music at your wedding, you will be asked to contact our parish Music Director. The Director must approve all music. The use of outside musicians must be coordinated through the Director.

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