Construction Update- July 2015




Construction crew has been getting the exterior of the building ready for the brick to be laid on the outside of the building, including the prep around the windows, masonry hooks, sprayfoam insulations and more!  Bricklaying began on Wednesday morning, July 29th.

Moving Inside!

The stairwells are pretty much done, and a lot of work is being done on the inside of the building now.  As you can see, the framework on the second floor is up, along with the ductwork.


Coming Soon!

On the inside, they will be doing a lot of electrical work, laying of phone and data lines, and putting up the walls and ceilings.  As well, they will be continuing to lay the brick on the exterior, and keep on the lookout in the near future for the putting down of sidewalk in the front of the Church, and also in other areas.  Work is also being done on the round window that will be installed!  Be advised, there will be plenty of more digging in the parking lot, as well as an increase in construction workers and vehicles onsite, so please be careful entering and exiting the property. 


As we continue to pray our campaign prayer, let us especially remember to ask God to watch over and protect our workers.

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