Construction Updates :: March 2015

Current Status

The Construction phase of the new project is well underway. No doubt you have already felt the awkwardness of having a construction zone on campus. As I said to the general contractor at our last site meeting, they are a welcome inconvenience! At this stage the ground underneath the future Parish Center is being tested and prepared for the laying of a foundation.


As we continue to pray our campaign prayer, let us especially remember to ask God to watch over and protect our workers.

What's Happening Near the Family Life Center?

A physical plant of our size has to deal with the water run off. Just like a residential home has gutters and drains, we also have to direct the rainwater in a safe and non-destructive way. For this reason an empty pond-like shape was created in the area opposite the Family Life Center some years ago. Current code requires this pond to be expanded. Consequently, a number of trees had to be removed in order to expand and reshape the drainage area.

Parking Lot Information

As we get use to our new parking lot, be mindful of the walkways between the fence and the parking spaces that have been identified by the contractor. Safety of all walking in and out of Church is a top priority! (enlarged map)

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