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Jan 29 2015:  "Since the last schedule was posted a number of things have changed. After meeting with the diocesan building committee it was recommended that we seek new bids from other general contractors for comparison. The result is that we switched contractors from Choate to Edison Foard.  Consequently this process added unexpected months to our schedule. A new schedule will be posted in the near future with current estimates on construction dates and durations.  The goal is a completion sometime this Fall. St Thomas pray for us!" Video

Ground Breaking January 28, 2015

In December we sent out information about the progress of the building!  Check it out!

Check out our New Parish Center Plans!


Building Project Progress

2014 August 1: According to the posted schedule: the rezoning processes is complete; the site permits are now being acquired; and new bids are being sought for the project. 

2014 May 11:  We have received a new projected schedule for our project. Click the photo for a larger version of this diagram.

2014 April 3:  Representatives of the Parish Building Committee met with the Diocesan Building Committee.  We had a productive meeting. They made some minor suggestions to the architectural drawings but overall see the re-scoping of the project as on target.  In order to be good stewards of the resources given for the project, it was decided that we would seek two more bids from general contractors.  Given that the scope of the project has substantially changed from our first set of bids, this is a wise decision.  The architect is arranging for the Building Committee to meet with two more general contractors.

2014 February 16: Letter to Parishioners from Bulletin

Dear Parish Family, 

I know it seems a while since there has been news about our building project.  Rest assured much is being accomplished.  As I reported several months ago, based upon the range of proposals set before us by the architect and general contractor, the building committee recommended that we proceed with a new contract scope of more in the range of $1.9 million.  Since there will be need for furnishings and the like the overall project scope will be set for $2.28 million. 

In order to be as faithful as possible to the initial vision, the project will proceed as follows.  The two-story addition will be adapted to connect to our current parish hall.  The site will be developed to design the courtyard, configure an additional drop-off point to the church and add an additional parking lot entrance.  The details of this plan are currently in the hands of our architect and general contractor as they make the necessary adjustments to meet our budget.  As soon as new renderings are complete they will be made available for all to see. 

As of today and in light of the above, the architect and general contractor have presented a schedule to break ground this June/July that will bring the project to completion by the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas next year January 28. 

I am pleased to report that we are currently on pace to collect 100% of our pledged amount.  In campaigns such as ours, it is generally expected that 85% of the pledged amount will actually be collected.  Although there are some pledges that are not being realized due to some who have moved, unexpected circumstances and the like, there are parishioners who are supporting this great effort through the use of capital campaign envelopes provided in your envelope package.  These gifts combined with the dedication of those who have pledged enables us to boast that we are on pace to collect 100% of the pledged amount.  For those who have not pledged please consider the use of these envelopes.  They can be placed in any parish collection.  The envelope will ensure that it is deposited in our campaign account.  Perhaps we will be able to exceed even the pledged amount, which will guarantee the best possible outcome. 

The people of St. Thomas are to be commended for their responsible and dedicated stewardship.  In just under a year you should be experiencing the fruit of this effort.  Thank you for you patience and commitment as we bring this project to life!

Fr. Winslow

2013  November 12: Based upon the range of proposals set before us by the architect and general contractor, the committee has settled on a scope adjustment of $1.9 million.  This will include a two-story addition to our current parish hall and site development.  The details of this plan are currently underway.  As soon as new renderings are forwarded to the committee they will immediately be made available online and updated in the narthex.

2013   October 1:  After several meetings with the architect and general contractor, the committee awaits a range of proposal that vary in scope, approach and expense ranging from $1.7 to $2.5 million.  After discussing the details of these proposals, it is expected that a decision will be made by the end of October.

2013   September 3The committee, architect and contractor are discussing the many details and estimates of the project.  All decisions are being made in light of the long-term plan for the facilities.  The committee is working hard to be thorough, prospective and budget conscious.  Once a detailed scope has been settled upon, the new scope of the project will be resubmitted to the diocese for approval and then represented to the parish.  Click Here to Read the Letter from the Pastor in September 8th's Bulletin!

2013   June – Present:  Work with architect and contractor to further define an itemized and detailed scope of phase one

2013   May:  Adjust scope to campaign level by dividing project into phases

2013   April:  Report to Parish the plan to divide overall project into two phases and that this campaign will address phase one

Phase one: build a new administrative and meeting room facility attached to the current Aquinas Hall; renovate Aquinas Hall; repurpose current administrative building to dedicated meeting space; address courtyard, carport, and additional parking lot access; possible expansion and renovations to church narthex to increase our gathering space, structurally support the choir loft and to expand our limited restroom facilities.

2013   January – May:  Report to the parish campaign results

2013   January – May:  Review the results of the capital campaign

2012   December:  Begin capital campaign

2012   October: Present a vision to the parish

2012   August:  Select a general contractor

2012   January – August:  Propose a scope for the project

2012   January – August:  Preparation for capital campaign


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