Campaign History

Capital Campaign Update History

Campaign Pledge Progress:

     January 27th: $993,974
     January 20th: $980,000
     January 13th: $972,914
     January 6th: $958,000 
     December 21st: $858,000
     December 16th: $561,000
     December 9th: $500,000
     December 2nd: $450,000

Update, November 18, 2012

Capital Campaign

Making Room For The Spirit: Serving Others

At the end of Mass, the priest or deacon says, “Go in peace to love & serve the Lord & one another.” This is our call to live our lives in service to others! At St. Thomas Aquinas, our ministries & groups coordinate parish efforts to help our brothers & sisters in need with programs such as Thanksgiving baskets, Angel tree gifts, Hospice House meals, Scouting for Food, & Share Sunday. They require time, organization, & space to carry out their mission!

Our new parish center will provide adequate space for our ministries to do the work of the Church. The building plan includes: Dozen new meeting rooms of varying sizes, equipped with conference call capability; workroom for volunteers; storage space for ministry and parish needs; & banquet hall that seats 400 & is divisible into two smaller rooms seating 200 each.

The goal of our “Making Room for the Spirit” capital campaign is to raise $3 million. Parishioners will have the opportunity to make a pledge by the end of the year. Prayerfully consider how you can participate to make our new center a reality! God bless you!


Update, November 11, 2012

Capital Campaign

Making Room For The Spirit: We Are The Church!

At Masses last weekend, Kathy & Ron Sanders provided a Capital Campaign update. As long-time St. Thomas parishioners, the Sanders have been active in parish life & are volunteers for the “Making Room for the Spirit” effort. Kathy is Campaign Vice-Chair and Ron serves on Building & Finance committees.

We are the 5th largest parish in the Diocese. Increasing our meeting, educational, event, & administrative space to accommodate this growth is, as the Sanders said, a “wonderful” problem to have. It is evidence of the Holy Spirit working at St. Thomas Aquinas. We have been truly blessed by the generosity of parishioners throughout the years!

Watch for a new video in the Church Narthex at weekend Masses that shows an insider’s “view” of our new Parish Center. When contacted by a volunteer “Builder” to make a pledge, please welcome them. Prayerfully consider making that pledge. And keep praying for a successful campaign! God bless you!

Update, November 4, 2012

Capital Campaign

Making Room For The Spirit: Our Youth

Youth are the future of our Church. We parishioners have an obligation to provide safe & adequate space for our youth to nurture their faith. Aquinas Hall is 27-years-old & in need of major repairs. By supporting St. Thomas Aquinas’ Building Campaign, you are sustaining our Youth AND the future of our Church.

About 35% of our registered parishioners are under the age of 22. Our parish provides opportunities for our youth to strengthen their faith through groups such as Middle School & High School Youth, Boy/Cub Scouts, & Girl Scouts. They often use Aquinas Hall for outreach and educational activities such as cooking meals for community shelters. Faith Formation students (e.g., First Communion & Confirmation) use the Hall for their many retreats.

Thank you to all who are praying for a successful campaign and/or have already made a pledge. If you have not pledged, prayerfully consider how you can contribute to “Making Room for the Spirit.”

Update, October 28, 2012

Our “Making Room for the Spirit” Capital Campaign is underway! Campaign volunteers are calling and visiting fellow parishioners right now. These meetings give parishioners the opportunity to ask questions about the building project and to fill out and sign a pledge card. (Pledges are typically paid over a 3-year period.)

When a volunteer calls you, please welcome them!

Each week in this space, you will see more about the Campaign and how our new parish social and administrative center will benefit our parish. View the latest conceptual vision of our new parish center playing in the Church Narthex. If you would like to volunteer with the Campaign, please contact Ginny Lieto, Campaign Chair, at

Please continue to pray for our success!

Update, October 21, 2012

Throughout the year, we at St. Thomas Aquinas gather for the sacrifice of the Mass & to celebrate as God’s Grace is imparted on those we love though receiving His Sacraments. To prepare for & commemorate these moments, we assemble in Aquinas Hall, enjoying the educational and social aspects of our common Catholic identity. It may be a First Communion retreat, RCIA classes, pictures with our Bishop following Confirmation, a wedding reception, or doughnuts after Sunday Mass.

At some occasion, each of us has enjoyed the fellowship of our parish family in the Hall. These times allow us to share our joys, often with a meal or refreshments, as we go forth in assurance of God’s Love. Increasingly, our current Hall is inadequate for our parish family to assemble & celebrate these occasions. Please support our Making Room For The Spirit Campaign! Help us ensure that we can bring together our children & future generations to commemorate all our special times shared in God’s Love.

Update, October 14, 2012

Throughout our parish’s 33-year history, we have been blessed by parishioners who responded in faith to the growing and changing needs of our parish! Through their foresight and generosity, our facilities were built, enabling us to worship, educate, gather, and serve.

As today’s parishioners, we too have an obligation to the future. Our new Parish Center will help to ensure that St. Thomas Aquinas continues to thrive! This week, you will receive in the mail a brochure explaining the project, its cost, & a suggested 3-year gift giving guide.

This weekend, OCTOBER 13th/14th, we will officially launch our Making Room for the Spirit! Campaign. Fr. Winslow will speak about the importance of the project. Artist’s renderings will be on display. Refreshments will be served, including doughnuts, after the 9:30am and 11:30am Masses. Members of our building and campaign committees will be on hand to answer questions you may have. Children will be invited to sign the special “Making Room for the Spirit!” banner that will be hung in the Family Life Center.

This is an exciting time for our parish! Please prayerfully consider what part you will play in the success of our building project.

Update, September 30, 2012

Our St. Thomas Aquinas parish family is “Making Room for the Spirit” by undertaking a new building campaign. The goal of this campaign is two-fold: Provide much needed space for our growing commissions/ministries and allow us to be good stewards of our resources. The current mechanical, electrical, & plumbing systems need to be replaced, and the roof leaks in multiple places. Rather than spend money to continue repairing 30-year-old buildings, we can redirect those funds to an energy-efficient new building.

Our new two-story Parish Center, which replaces the parish office building & Aquinas Hall, will address the current competition for limited & inflexible space. The Center will include: A 400-seat banquet hall that can be divided into two smaller 200-seat halls, both with access to a large kitchen; sufficient storage space for parish & ministry needs; casual gathering spaces for adults & children; additional meeting rooms; large nursery; & adequate parish offices.

Please take a campaign prayer card from the Church Narthex and pray daily for the success of the campaign. God bless you!

Update, September 23, 2012

This weekend, we begin to pray, as a parish family, a special prayer for our Capital Campaign. As in other circumstances of our lives, we bring our parish’s needs & building project before Our Lord. We acknowledge that we are stewards of St. Thomas Aquinas parish, its people, & its facilities. We ask God to bless and guide our efforts as we seek to provide the facilities needed to carry out our parish’s mission. In the coming weeks, you will receive more details about the Campaign and our building project. Please continue to pray for our parish family.

Update, September 13, 2012

Dear Parish Family,

We have completed our Town Hall meetings. The purpose of these meetings was to gather your input, answer your questions, and address your concerns about the proposed building project. They also gave me an opportunity to meet with many of you on an individual basis. I wish to express my appreciation to the parishioners and staff who served on our informational panel, Tricia Kent, Cheryl Eckert, Thomas Sims, Dina Wilson, Cindy Kincaid, Bernie Cohan, and Gary Embler. Thank you to Daryl Torres who helped facilitate the process, and to volunteers who served refreshments and assisted with various tasks. Finally, thank you to parishioners who attended.

Based on the possibility of a diocesan capital campaign & the positive feedback received during the meetings, we will move forward with the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Capital Campaign.

It is an exciting time for St. Thomas Aquinas! Thank you for giving of your time, talent, and treasure. May God bless you as we move forward. Please continue to pray for our parish family.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Winslow

Update, August 30, 2012

Town Hall Meetings Announced:

Our Pastor, Fr. Winslow, invites all parishioners to a town hall meeting to learn about our parish's facility needs and the goals of the proposed building project. Please join him on one of these dates:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 4th, at 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, Sept. 5th, at 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, Sept. 9th, after the 11:30 am Mass

All meetings will be held in Aquinas Hall. A panel of volunteer leaders and parish staff will present important information. There will be time for discussion. Light refreshments will be served. We want to hear from you and hope to see you there!

Update, August 15, 2012

To serve the mission of our busy and growing parish, under the direction of Fr. Remo, a committee was formed three years ago to address our facility needs. About a year ago, the committee recommended the following to the Pastor: A new parish hall, meeting and activity spaces, and administrative offices.

A summary of the major reasons for new construction:

  • Costly repairs and maintenance to current stressed and declining facilities.
  • Limited and insufficient space for parish meetings, activities, and events.
  • Need for room to grow, given that St. Thomas Aquinas is currently the fifth largest parish in the Diocese and has an annual growth rate of 15%.

A summary of the goals for a building project:

  • Replace our declining facilities with new, energy-efficient, and durable structures.
  • Supply adequate and reasonable space for our current parish needs.
  • Prepare for the immediate and long term needs of our rapidly growing parish.

Update, July 30, 2012

At Masses during the weekend of July 14th/15th, members of the Building Committee gave the following report to the parish: The following is an update on an effort that began at our parish about four years ago. At that time, several commissions were created to help carry out the work of the parish. Each commission was asked to assess the status and needs of a different area of parish life. The Building & Facilities Commission conducted a survey of our buildings and grounds and found that they did not meet the needs of our growing parish. Fr. Remo appointed several parishioners to a Building Committee to take a comprehensive, long-term look at our facilities. We have met regularly for the past three years. Our goal is to develop a plan that provides the resources necessary to fulfill our parish mission, now and in the future.

The Committee has worked closely with Diocesan personnel who have provided excellent direction and support. We selected Charlotte-based architects, Little Diversified Consulting, Inc., to assist us. The architects met several times with parish staff and ministry leaders who worked hard to define their separate missions and identify problems with doing their work. Together, they developed a conceptual design that best serves our parish. This design includes construction of a new parish hall, meeting rooms, a music rehearsal room, nursery, and administrative space. We have received preliminary project cost estimates, and our next step is to interview possible general contractors. Those interviews will take place shortly after our new pastor, Father Winslow, arrives in August. We will then work towards finalizing the project design and cost. All registered parishioners will receive a letter from Fr. Remo and Fr. Winslow regarding this project.

Members of the Building Committee wish to thank Fr. Remo for this opportunity to serve our parish. The St. Thomas Aquinas Parish family continues to be blessed by God with growth, both in numbers and the Spirit. We are excited about the improvements this project will bring to our parish life and ask for your prayers for the success of our work. Thank you.

Update, June 15, 2012

The Building Committee is pleased to report several important developments. Our parish’s facility expansion project has been approved by the Diocesan Building Committee and Msgr. Mauricio West, following a presentation of the project at the Chancery. We were privileged to have Bishop Peter J. Jugis join us at that meeting which was also attended by Fr. Remo and representatives of our committee, parish staff, and our architectural firm, Little & Associates. We are happy to let you know that our incoming pastor, Fr. Patrick Winslow, has also enthusiastically given his approval to the project.

On May 31st, the Building Committee met with Deacon Guy Piché, Director of Diocesan Properties & Risk Management, to review our progress and receive his input. Our next step is to interview potential general contractors. We ask for your prayers as we continue our work.

Bernie Cohan
Chair, STA Building Committee

Update, January 22, 2012

Over the past several months, parishioners from the various commissions have actively participated in the “Create” phase of our proposed facility expansion project. This group has been actively involved in pursuing various design suggestions under the guidance of our architects. By continuing to follow our vision goals, the group has determined our top parish priority focuses on meeting the varied parish program needs, while ensuring building flexibility. The group also determined site layout, accessibility, spiritual, and aesthetic characteristics are also key priorities.

The group design consensus includes the development of a larger chapel and parish hall, functional parish offices, and several rooms varied by size and functionality. The group also supported the redesign of traffic flow, the need to increase parking spaces, improve parishioner accessibility to the church and new facilities, and maintain parish grounds that provide comfortable surroundings. With the design phase being substantially completed, the Building Committee is now focused on finalizing the design, developing financial estimates, and determining the most appropriate building plan. We will continue to keep you informed of our progress toward meeting ourgrowing parish needs.

Update, January 2012

The design of the structures should maintain continuity with the church and existing grounds. Traffic flow and accessible parking needs to be designed to support parishioner needs while offering outdoor meditation and gathering areas. Another consideration will be to ensure the buildings are energy efficient, with high efficiency heating and cooling systems and natural lighting. Also, water conservation is extremely important to maintain our beautiful flower gardens and landscape.

The vision will continue to be refined. Little will review and organize the many ideas offered by the meeting attendees. The next step will be to meet with the individual parish groups to review the meeting results and create the parish building plan. We will keep you informed of our progress and ask that you pray for the successful creation of our “Parish Vision” and building plan.

Your Parish Building Committee
Bernie Cohan, Chairman

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